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Schaefer 303

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If your desire is to navigate comfortably, accompanied by family or friends, you can no longer dream and begin to feel the sea breeze on your face.

The Schaefer 303 has space for 10 people during the day and 4 during the night and is perfect for small or large rides, determined by the size of adventure you choose to live.

The most successful boat produced by Schaefer Yachts, with more than 1,500 units sailing around the world.

Technical characteristics

Max length (including pulpit and platform): 9.78 m (32.1′)

Maximum beam (including rails): 2.87 m (9.4′)
Max draft: 0.89 m (2.9′)
Mass of the light ship: 3,295 kg (7,264 lbs)

Departure angle: 20o
Max speed *: 33.9 knots
Cruising speed *: 26.7 knots
Fuel consumption at cruising speed **: 70 L / h (18 Gal / h)

Range: 92 N.M.
Fresh water capacity: 100 L (26 Gal)
Fuel capacity: 350 L (92 Gal)
Airflow: 2.96m (9.7′)
count an additional 5′ for clearance when passing under bridges.

Passenger capacity (day): 10
Passenger capacity (night): 4
Designer: Marcio Schaefer.