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Schaefer 400

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With a distinctive design and countless accolades for its agility and speed, the Schaefer 400 wins an audience at first glance.

The model exhibits a unique hard top for its category. A generous deck with gourmet space reinforces Schaefer Yachts’ tradition of maximizing outdoor space.

With high cabin ceilings and the only one in its category with two suites, this ship provides the comfort and refinement that make the Schaefer 400 an extension of your own home.

Technical characteristics

Max length (including pulpit and platform): 12.25 m (40.2′)
Maximum beam (including rails): 3.88 m (12.7′)
Max draft: 1.09 m (3.6′)
Mass of the light ship: 9,500 kg (20,944 lbs)
Departure angle: 17.4o
Max speed *: 33 knots
Cruising speed *: 25 knots
Fuel consumption at cruising speed **: 78 L / h (21 Gal/h)
Range: 174 N.M. **
Fresh water capacity: 250 L (66 Gal)
Fuel Capacity (Inboard Engines): 800 L (211 Gal)
Fuel Capacity (Outboards): 1050 L (277 gal)
Airflow ***: 3.25 m (10.7′)
Passenger capacity (day): 14
Passenger capacity (night): 5
Designer: Marcio Schaefer